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August 2012

I was just thinking on how you all helped me so much and wanted to share my experience with others. I was scared, you calmed all my fears, you went over each fear one by one and made me feel so much better. The professional way I was handled in the office really helped me know I had made the right choice in doctors. The one day I came in the office Kami and Diana both took their time and talked to me for about an hour and I really needed this. It wasn't like I knew anyone I could talk to that had this procedure done before. Right up until the day of the procedure, whenever I called the office everyone was friendly and continued to calm my fears and gave me a positive feeling about having the tummy tuck. When I met with the doctor several times and checked his credentials, I was more than impressed and knew I picked the right person for so many reasons. I liked that Dr. Simman stressed with me the possible risks but also went over with me on how he would minimize those risks and came across as highly skilled and also with a good "bedside manner".

On day of surgery, as soon as I saw Dr. Simman and his assistant I was totally calm, ready to do the surgery, knew I was in great hands and was excited to get it done. The day of my surgery the doctor checked on me several times and made sure I stayed in the surgery center overnight which put more possible risk factors at bay. The care I was given at the center he chose was more than excellent and professional. Kami also stopped by to see me after my surgery. Certain things I don't clearly remember but I remember the feeling of being taken care of and that everyone had my back and I felt so secure with my care, not one problem or bad thing I could say about the care before surgery, during and after care at the surgery center.

After surgery I had numerous visits with Dr. Simman as well as text messages from Kami as she was keeping track of my recovery once I came home. I learned also that a lot of patients have to dress their incision, have to take off steri strips themselves and basically are on their own once the surgery was over. Every time I went for follow up visits, Dr. Simman himself and Kami both cleaned me up, took care of my incision and belly button and packed it for me several times.

On my last visit I was also given samples of silicone gel strips which is basically unheard of getting these as a "gift" from your doctor, no one that I have now talked to had anywhere near this kind of treatment.

I knew I was in good hands, I knew Dr. Simman was not the type of doctor that rolls one patient out and another one in, without keeping in mind that they are all different and all have different needs and circumstances and all need one on one care. He was so professional and so nice and his intelligence and knowledge comes out of him in such a humble manner.

I just wanted you all to know that I trust you all with my care and can't say how happy I am with the job that was done, the way I was treated and the professional manner of the entire office. My results are more than I ever expected and I have not had any problems or complications and an excellent job was done by all.

Thank you all for your care, courtesy, kindness and excellent care. I would certainly recommend Dr. Simman to anyone that would be interested.

Thank you very much

-Tummy Tuck patient of Dr. Simman